Singing churchmen of oklahoma

The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma is a choir consisting of men who serve as Baptist music ministers from across the state of Oklahoma. The legacy of the choir is deep and the men regard each other as brothers. The goal was to produce a video that was moving for the audience and left them wanting to come experience the Churchmen for themselves.

At ReelCast Productions, we love creating moving visual experiences by showing the energy of an organization while conveying the heart of those behind it.


The client wanted a video to help broaden the audience and increase attendance at their concerts. After hearing their needs, we brainstormed with them how to best convey this experience through video. We decided on an upbeat and engaging overall style, while interweaving personal testimonies. We learned that another goal of the Churchmen is to be less of a “presentation” and more of an “experience” of sharing the time of worship “with the congregation.”


We filmed the interviews on a simple background to put the visual focus on the concert itself. Anytime we do interviews we want it to be easy and stress-free for everyone. Choosing good topics and questions to discuss is helpful and important. Drawing on the men’s passion for music, the gospel, and their experience as members of the group, we had great conversations about what the Singing Churchmen means to each one.

On the day of the concert we worked alongside the Singing Churchmen staff to choose and schedule the interviewees. During rehearsal we made sure to film “center stage” and anywhere that would be too distracting during the concert. For the concert we used multiple cameras which allowed us to film from the audience’s view, the balcony, and even on the edges of stage part of the time. This helped us get up close and capture the feeling of being there!


In Post-Production, we chose a track from the Singing Churchmen’s own recordings as the background music to provide energy and add authenticity to the video. Weaving the interviews with concert footage, we took the audience on a journey to hear both the passion of the Churchmen and see the excitement they bring to each concert.

“The Singing Churchmen don’t just entertain. We’re about encouraging God’s people.”


We are excited to announce that video went on to win the award for “Best Promotional” at the 2019 Christian Worldview Film Festival!

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