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At ReelCast Productions, we want to make your project a success. Whether your feature film needs a color grade, or your ministry needs a promo video, you’ve come to the right place. Your story deserves to be told with excellence…and we won’t settle for less.

With over ten years of award-winning experience in the industry, we create compelling characters, powerful scenes, seamless transitions, and memorable experiences that connect audiences to the visual tapestry of the silver screen.

John-Clay is a multi-talented filmmaker who can handle a project thoroughly from start to finish. He’s excellent at what he does and if I were to make another documentary I would hire him again in a heartbeat.
Philip Telfer, Media Talk 101
John-Clay Burnett demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and disciplined work ethic. I asked John-Clay to build a 60 second trailer for our film. It’s been played almost sixty thousand times online, and it’s been played for hundreds of thousands of viewers on television.

The trailer beautifully reflects the diversity, the energy, and the spirit of our film, in a way I would never have thought of. I’ll definitely be working with him again in the future!

John Moore, The Widows Might
John-Clay at ReelCast is a fantastic person to work with on any project. He brings a combination of expertise in key areas and general, across-the-board knowledge that makes him an asset in almost any situation.
David Prentice, Defining Moment Sports Media

We couldn’t be happier with the trailer! Everyone loves it!

Nathan Webster, Film Director

Working with Reelcast was a great experience. Services were very professional and Creed of Gold has a beautiful color master.

Daniel Knudsen, Film Director
John-Clay is an exceptional worker! Many people know either the technical or the creative side of video production. John-Clay is unique in that he knows both.

He can avoid technical issues that can compromise a top quality product, and he can provide helpful feedback, when asked, that can increase the artistic appeal. He doesn’t push himself forward. He’s responsible, creative, and determined. He’s brought quality and enthusiasm to everything he’s done with me.

He’s a great asset to your team, but you’d better not book him for the weeks when I’ve scheduled a production…he’s not available!

Russ Bennett, Course Product Manager, CollegePlus!

ReelCast brought new creativity and vision to editing our film trailer. They produced a superior final product with minimal input was able to really capture the spirit and feel of the film. The project exceeded expectations!

Joel Steege, Film Director