The Editing Room

Crafting the story to match your vision

and effectively move your audience. 


It’s our belief that documentaries can be interesting, compelling, and entertaining. Having edited four feature-length documentaries, John-Clay has experience interweaving interviews into a cohesive story.

Feature film

Editing a feature takes working with the director to formulate the right pace and structure that fits each moment. Our process is very collaborative – hearing your vision and the needs of your audience, and then crafting an edit to match.


As lead editor on multiple short films, John-Clay brings his skills to stories in short form. From extensive discussions with the director, to massaging the story with little nips and tucks, a great short film can be incredibly powerful!

Films we’ve edited 


(Nominated) “Best Editing” at 2016 Attic Film Festival

(Winner) “Best Editing” at 2015 Pan Pacific Film Festival

(Winner) “Best Documentary Over $50,000” Gold ICVM Crown Awards

(Winner) “Best Documentary Over $50,000” Gold ICVM Crown Awards

What our customers have to say 

John-Clay takes films and makes them better. My biggest regret was not finding him sooner. He listens. He has a great eye. He’s creative. And most of all, he wants to honor God with the process and the finished product. I look forward to working with him again! - Sean Morgan, Filmmaker

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