As you walk through the doors of Family Birth and Wellness the love of family and children is unmistakable! Women are embraced by a strong and loving team of midwives to guide them through a natural birth.


The client approached us about a video project to grow awareness for Family Birth and Wellness. They wanted more people to experience the feeling of walking through their doors and to help people who were seeking for a safe natural birth experience to discover their midwifery center.

We listened and brainstormed how to best convey this experience through film. The video needed to reflect the atmosphere of calm, peace, and that natural birth is safe and possible. We needed to show how Family Birth comes alongside women during this beautiful season of becoming a mom.


We had several long conversations with the client to learn the steps of their process and how they interact women. This helped us choose moments to highlight the empowerment of being allowed to birth as the body needs, and the confidence and care that the Family Birth staff shows to their clients.  A baby’s first kick, hearing the heartbeat, watching an ultrasound, picking baby names, folding little newborn clothes, and preparing the nursery were all moments to incorporate.

During those discussions, we also realized the probability of filming an actual birth would be complicated and unlikely, so instead we decided to re-enact a birth scene. A pregnant mama who had been through a birth with this team graciously agreed to be our actress. Another mother allowed her two-week old child to act as the “newborn.” Along with the midwifery team at FBW, we gathered for an afternoon to film the scene.

 The highlight was when the baby was “born!” The baby was just a few weeks old, and through props and a special mixture of foods (cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.), we created a newborn, complete with vernix. There was palpable emotion in the birth suite as we re-enacted the moment of new life coming into the world. 

Interviews were the backbone of this brand film. We worked carefully to create an interview environment that was peaceful and relational. They shared with us genuinely, and there was some crying by all of us in hearing the beauty of each birth story…we loved hearing these women’s stories!

From a technical perspective, we used gear that would enhance and build on the themes of  empowering and peaceful birth experiences. From the fog machine, to the warm lighting, to the backgrounds in the interviews, to the lenses and filters, our team wanted every visual element to accurately convey the beauty you will experience at Family Birth and Wellness.


In Post-Production, we used music to build on the expressions of calm and beautiful confidence. In the edit, we crafted a woman’s journey of pregnancy to birth by weaving the four interviews into one story of how Family Birth and Wellness empowers women to do the most beautiful thing in the world…become a mother!

“Family Birth and Wellness made me feel so loved, that my baby was important,
and that my family mattered.” – Lacey


(Serving our clients comes first, which is why we talk about awards last…but let’s be honest, winning awards feels nice too!)

We are excited to announce that “Happy Beginnings” won the runner-up award for “Best Promotional” at the 2019 Christian Worldview Film Festival.

It also won “Best Promotional Trailer” at Content19. 

Best of all, it’s been seen online by a total of over 80,000 people!

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