2021 Year in Review


2021 was exciting for us to get back into production after 2020! From promos, to filming theater productions, and even narrative work, our production company worked on a variety of different projects. John-Clay also worked as an editor and colorist on a number of national projects, including a theater-released documentary. Here’s a look back at some highlights from 2021!

Pilgrim Musical Shoot

Arise Collective Theater Group performs a beautiful rendition of the story of Bunyan’s timeless literary work, Pilgrim’s Progress. With five cameras and over 40 tracks of audio, a lot of hard work went into bringing this stage performance to the screen. Watch the trailer here. 

THSC Promo & homeschool Success Stories

Texas Homeschool Coalition has helped thousands of families across Texas have the confidence to homeschool and allow their children the opportunity to thrive in that environment!

It was a privilege to interview parents, students, and graduates, seeing how homeschooling  enriched their education experience! From graduates who are doctors and computer programmers, to families of elementary kids and families with grown children, THSC is helping homeschoolers’ dreams come true.

Capital – spec trailer

Capital is a TV series set in Washington DC during the 2008 financial crisis. As a production company, we came alongside the writer/director to bring select scenes of his script to life for a fundraising trailer. From creating the sets, to casting an actor and actresses and building the crew, and then completing post-production, we managed the process from start to finish, watching the script take shape as a filmed piece. Read the case study + watch the trailer.

THSC GAla Film

Texas Homeschool Coalition asked us to create a film that highlights the work their team does every day to “keep Texas families free.” 

In interviewing their staff, we heard how much they care about each and every member, and combined that with cinematic footage of families enjoying the adventure of homeschooling – from reading the word of God together, to studying science, history, and geography, and learning in independent ways, showcasing the versatility that homeschooling brings.


In a day when fatherhood is under immense attack, the Kendrick Brothers created a documentary highlighting fatherhood, and how God is a Father to the fatherless. Interviews include NFL players, Dr. Tony Evans, Jim Daly, and more.

John-Clay was honored to serve as the colorist for this film, bringing out the nuances of the images on screen, and crafting the cinematic consistency to build a cohesive story. 

Sony released the film in theaters in September, and it touched countless lives. Watch the trailer here.


John-Clay worked as the colorist on a short film created for Life Action, showcasing the perspective of a child in the womb from conception to birth. The film has millions of views and is used across the United States, telling the story of the unborn. Watch the film here.


The film “Sabina” tells the story of Sabina Wurmbrand, who was persecuted for her faith in Romania. John-Clay edited a version of the trailer for the film, prior to its theatrical release. Watch the trailer here.

In addition to the promotional film work this year, John-Clay spent a lot of time editing and color grading for other clients, helping bring their projects to a satisfying completion.

teaching & events 

This year, John-Clay taught at CWVFF and we also enjoyed attending National Religious Broadcasters, connecting with friends new and old and finding inspiration, growth, and new opportunities!


Looking back on 2021, we’re grateful for a year of amazing clients, incredible projects, and the opportunity to tell the stories of organizations who are changing lives across the nation. 

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Texas Homeschool Coalition defends the rights of thousands of families across Texas and also provides support to families on their homeschooling journey.

2020 Year In Review

2020 Year In Review

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. We were excited for so many projects early in the year, and then spent a lot of time postponing or rearranging those projects. Thankfully, we were still able to serve many clients, sharing their stories, and seeing changed lives. John-Clay also worked as an editor and colorist on a variety of projects, including a feature film. Here’s a look back at some highlights from 2020!